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                             About FRANK

Frank E. Polo, Sr., was born in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba on February 8, 1972. At an early age Frank realized the prevalent injustice of the Cuban system in which he grew up. This created in Frank a need for knowledge and inclination for the field of laws. After living and personally observing the abuses of the Cuban dictatorship during the Mariel Exodus in 1980, Frank became passionate about protecting the rights of others and finding ways to prevent abuses of those who have power.

In 1994, Frank suffered unfair persecutions, harassment and reprisals by the Cuban government, at which time Frank decided that it was better to die with dignity than to live under the tyranny of the Cuban government; therefore, he escaped from Cuba in a raft on August 21, 1994. Days later, Frank was taken by the U.S. Coast Guard to Guantanamo Bay ("GITMO"), where Frank spent ten (10) months without any certainty of what his future would be like. In Guantanamo, he learned English, and when he arrived in the United States, he studied and obtained a degree in Business Administration. Which led him to have an International Telecommunications company from 2006 until 2013. Afterwards, Frank decided to meet again with his passion for justice and has studied law at the University of St. Thomas where he plans to graduate soon with a doctorate and with a specialization in Taxation Law.

Frank has been very involved in helping the community on Taxation issues, participating annually in the program, sponsored by the IRS, VITA. In addition, Frank passes his knowledge during community liaison events in which he has actively participated, and as part of this he has focused on the issue of corruption at government levels, and how this affects society in General and general U.S. national and international policies analysis. Frank has been invited to speak about the topic in international conferences and multiple radio and TV shows.

As a result of this interest and focus on corruption issues, in 2018 he was a candidate for a position in the Florida State Congress, with the aim of changing laws at the state level. More recently Frank is involved in creating a nonprofit organization to help the community with issues that concern the community.

The fight against corruption at the government level has made Frank's enemies attack him fiercely and they have even tried to end Frank's political and professional career, but his determination to create a society free of corruption has been stronger than those forces that want him silenced. Consequently, Frank continues his fight against that scourge that plagues our society. This has made lobbyists, judges, lawyers, and others who are part of the swamp to want to silence him.

Topics such as family unity, drugs in schools, abuses of discretion of the courts, assistance to our senior citizens, the protection of the first and second amendments, and the fight against socialism that invades day by day our city, are some of the issues that concern Frank as a father, husband, and as a citizen of the United States of America.

As a good Cuban, the issues related to Cuba’s freedom also passionate Frank E. Polo, Sr. That's why Frank wants to serve his community to fight for better results in the fight against the Cuban regime through smart legislation that can achieve more sanctions against the dictatorship. Despite understanding the humanitarian trip of Cubans to the island, and their need to send family remittances, Frank is against the abuses of those who go to Cuba just looking for easy pedophile’s victims, cheap prostitution and low-cost tourism at the expense of the pain and enslavement of the Cuban people. Frank is against closer relations with the dictatorship of the island unlike other candidates.