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Florida Congressional District 27 needs a politician that says the truth no matter what, honest, with dignity, compromised with fighting corruption and draining the swamp disregarding the consequence that doing so may carry along. District 27 needs a politician that has a CLEAN track record of fighting against the radical Socialist agenda, and ready to step up to fight for our freedom.



                        ECONOMY & yOUTH

The hard-working American people deserve to have a decent living wage. Nevertheless, taxing the rich is not the solution. Common sense dictates that if you tax the rich, they would be forced to pass along the cost of doing business and we will all end up paying more in the price of products and services. We need to bring good-paying jobs to Florida, incentivize the creation of new industries and new jobs in our cities. Incentivize the Film industry to come to South Florida for new productions.

We must provide opportunities for the youngest generation who will become the backbone of our economy. Reintegrating young professionals that have graduated from college into the workforce is a priority of my office; therefore, we will work diligently in doing this. Additionally, we will focus in obtaining federal grants to enhance the employability of those young adults who just graduated from high school and did not have the opportunity to continue a career, and those graduated from a four (4) years university who can’t find a job in their field of study.